Start Your Business in Ukraine

Since 2009 we are helping foreign businesses to establish, manage and grow their international
business in Ukraine.

Why People Choose Ukraine?

Rapid growth and huge potential has caught the eye of many investors looking to diversify and grow their portfolios while reallocating risk.
Qualified Workforce

Highly skilled workforce, developed training system and competitive salary levels.

Cost Efficient

The low cost of doing business in Ukraine makes it extremely attractive for a number of sectors.

Strategic Location

Located close to Europe, along the Black Sea, Ukraine is ideally situated as a manufacturing and trading center.

Reforms & Agreements

Active government policies are already having a positive impact on Ukraine's business environment.

We’re building a single
system that brings everything
you need to run business in
It’s true. We thrive on collaboration, expertise, and education, and we make our clients a part of our process every step of the way.

We provide consultations and information about various aspects of doing business and investing in Ukraine.

Business setup

We help to register and administrate a new company in Ukraine to achieve a rapid growth and successful startup.


We plan, organize and control operations to help you to maximize your company's competitiveness and profitability.

Branch setup

Setting up a branch office is a cost-efficient way to expand your business in Ukraine and get numerous advantages.

IT solutions

Applying modern technologies we do more with less to make your business more efficient and adaptable.

Accounting & Taxation

Well-organized accounting and taxation services to ensure that your business will run more smoothly on a regular basis.


Perfect Fit for Your Business

We help you to make informed
decisions and run your business
effectively in Ukraine.

We provide excellent custom and client focused
solutions that included organizational and team
effectiveness programs, executive, training and
research/data analysis.

BWS is a great partner to support your
organizational, talent development and performance


Let’s Talk

We’re ready to help you start making
business right away. Stress free!

We just believe that mutual efforts accelerates
growth, and we’re excited to support your business
and to mesmerize people who interact with it, giving
fantastic experiences across-the-board.

Top Reasons to Invest in Ukraine

Ukraine is a ground floor investment opportunity at the frontier of the European Union.

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